MedChart: Empowering Patients and Improving Health Care in Canada
e-Health ePoster Library. Bateman J. Jun 4, 2017; 178988; EP02.04
Mr. James Bateman
Mr. James Bateman
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Purpose/Objectives: The objective of MedChart is to improve overall patient care by 1) empowering patients with easy access to their official health records; and 2) improving and streamlining the interoperability of medical records between health care providers.

Methodology/Approach: MedChart is a secure, cloud-based platform that transforms patient engagement by making access to official medical records convenient and reliable for patients. We digitize all records onto our secure Patient Portal and provide tools for health management and collaborative care. Using patient consent, MedChart provides online access to all clinical medical information (EHR data, imaging, written notes, etc.) from all of a patient’s providers, and gives the patient the ability to coordinate their care with physicians, family members, and other caregivers. MedChart also provides a comprehensive online platform for medical professionals to seamlessly request and receive medical records from any healthcare provider, clinic, or hospital in Canada.

Finding/Results: The current fragmented system of paper and electronic medical records makes the process of acquiring medical records extremely time-consuming and difficult. For patients, there can also be a financial burden associated with requesting medical records, and reading the records often relies on technology that the patient may not have access to (for example, faxes machines or medical image viewing software). Results from studies have indicated that access to patient medical records can enhance patients’ perceptions of control over their health (Giardina et al., 2013), increase feelings of trust and confidence in physicians (Archer et al., 2011), improve doctor-patient communication (Ross & Lin, 2005), and identify record errors. For example, in a recent report of an online patient portal system, it was found that almost 37% of users identified a medication error in their medical record, and 40% found errors in their allergy information (Epic EHR Program, 2015). For medical providers, the fragmented access of patient health information can result in less effective medical care, including adverse drug-events, delays in patient access to care, and unnecessary laboratory tests and medical imaging (Health Infoway, 2016). In addition, clinics with seamless access to patients’ medical records experience reduced time spent managing patient records, which also results in economic benefits (Health Infoway, 2016).

Conclusion/Implication/Recommendations: Patient access to personal health information is the keystone to proactive, patient-centred healthcare, and the current process for patients to access their health information is onerous and expensive. MedChart is an innovative online platform that allows patients to safely and conveniently access their official health records, resulting in more informed, empowered patients, and a better overall health care experience. Patients with access to their own medical records require fewer medical tests, experience fewer medical errors, and enjoy faster access to medical services. For medical clinics, the ability to make simple online requests for medical records, as well as having instant access to all of a patient’s health information, not only increases the quality of care, but also reduces administrative workload and therefore reduces costs.

140 Character Summary: MedChart is a secure cloud-based platform that is improving health care by providing simple access to patient medical records to patients and healthcare providers.
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