Community Based Virtual Care
e-Health ePoster Library. Loyola M. Jun 6, 2017; 167109; EP07.03
Ms. Margarita Loyola
Ms. Margarita Loyola
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Purpose/Objectives: To provide ""virtual consultations"" in the community facilitated by a ""community health worker"". This will enable clients and providers to make timely and accessible health care connections, conducive to producing better health outcomes.

Methodology/Approach: Virtual care technology and processes will be implemented in a community care setting. Community Health Workers (CHW) will be connecting to primary care and/or specialized care providers from the patient's home. This is in support of Primary Care Home initiative to increase continuity, and improve care and coordination between clients and clinicians. Initially the technology will be tested to ensure technical, security, and privacy needs are met. Because this is a community setting, broadband connectivity is not a given, thus hotspots will be used. Virtual models supporting primary care home is anticipated to have the following benefits: increase access to primary care services for remote communities, enhance continuity and coordinated care particularly for outreach services, patient-centered care, support patients with chronic diseases, patients requiring mental health and substance use services; access to specialists; and acute care services in remote service areas, enable the primary care home to provide continuity of care to community’s patients and, achieve the triple aim (e.g., improve provider and patient experience – decrease provider isolation; improve population health; and improve sustainable cost).

Finding/Results: Expected results will include: New virtual model to support “Primary Care Homes” linkages to patient/families/communities and family physicians, specialist and community health services. Strengthen community health services into local virtual teams. Change Island Health processes and staff models to provide people with better access to these services, especially when it is remote urgent (Rapid Response, 7 days a week). Educate staff to support patients in setting their own health goals in a proactive care plan. Support people to live at home as long as possible by promoting a ‘Home is Best’ approach. Develop methods for finding and monitoring people at risk of deteriorating health. Build and expand upon partnerships with community health providers, such as First Nations Health Authority, Divisions of Family Practice, local government and not for profit agencies.

Conclusion/Implication/Recommendations: Virtual care is one of the identified elements of the Primary Care home and provides a seamless approach for Community Health and Care to link frail and elderly and complex care clients to their physicians and clinicians directly from home, contributing to rapid response and early intervention goals. Virtual care through home support is a strong fit that will enable a shift in the point of care directly to the home, furthering Island Health's goal of 'right care, right time, right place'.

140 Character Summary: Harnessing existing home support capacity, virtual care accessed in the home represents a proactive paradigm shift in healthcare.
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