EP05.03 - A Web-Based Database for Nurse Led Outreach Teams in Toronto
e-Health ePoster Library. Li S. Jun 7, 2016; 131542; EP05.03
Shirley Shi Ling Li
Shirley Shi Ling Li
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Purpose/Objectives: In Toronto, the Nurse Led Outreach Teams (NLOT) in the Central LHIN is currently using a Microsoft Access database to keep track of the health information of those residents they have assessed in long-term care homes. The purpose of this project is to build a web-based database to replace Access, using Oracle Application Express for NLOT nurses in Toronto that can be easily accessible from any mobile devices. Methodology/Approach: System design is the process of defining the architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy the specified requirements. Microsoft Visio Version 2010 and Oracle Application Express version 5.0 are the two main tools that will be used to develop the NLOT database system. Further, an entity relationship diagram will be used to design the NLOT database. The end product will be evaluated using the System Usability Scale (SUS), which measures the usability of a system—this was developed by John Brooke in 1986. SUS is a quick tool that measures the efficacy of a system and the satisfaction it can offer to its users. SUS is based on the ten-item Likert scale that ranges from strongly disagree (1 point) to strongly agree (5 point). The average SUS score is 68 and anything above 68 would be considered above average Finding/Results: Throughout the system design, developers tried to make the NLOT database as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. The design especially focused on the needs of the different types of users, which is why there are two different user type accounts; these two types can address user needs, while still restricting certain powers to the normal user and admin accounts to preserve the integrity of the data within the system. Admin accounts includes report section which is a very useful tool to view the progress of the NLOT teams in order to prepare reports and develop strategic planning. Eight NLOT staff from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto were recruited to undergo the system usability test. The NLOT group were chosen to participate as they are the potential end users of the system. The mean SUS score for all the surveys is 90.3 with a median of 93.7 and a mode of 95.0. The evaluation results revealed that seven of the eight participants (87.5%) would use the system frequently and found the system to be user-friendly and easy to use. Only one out of eight participants (2.5%) found the system to be complex and would need to learn more about the system before he or she can get going with the system. Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations: Considering the results of the utility testing, it can be said that the web-based NLOT database will prove to be efficient to the NLOT nurses and will enhance the quality of care. Also, this database can be used to track any avoidable resident ED visits. Based on the usability evaluation results, the database is ready to be implemented, if the nurses decide to use the system. The web-based NLOT database will revolutionize the way nurses manage patient information. 140 Character Summary: The NLOT web-based database will not only give flexibility to nurses, but it will also allow them to access the resident's information anytime and from anywhere.
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